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Pro WaterProofing offers superior waterproofing solutions which have been specifically designed to reduce downtime. The potable waterproof membrane is suitable for residential, agricultural and commercial applications and can be sprayed onto concrete substrate. The tough flexibility of this superior coating is ideal for concrete tank waterproofing in permanently stopping leaks.

Polyurea is a seamless spray on waterproof membrane which can be applied to the required thickness in just one application from .5 mm to 50mm. The membrane is touch dry in 60 seconds and fully usable within 24 hours. All our work is backed by our 60 year guarantee.

Concrete Water Tanks And Concrete Troughs

Concrete water tanks and troughs are used on farms, agricultural and commercial settings. They can be very large structures, some at 40 tonnes empty and can hold a lot of water – hundreds of thousands of litres. Over time tanks age, the ground shifts due to drought and rain, cracks appear and your concrete tank needs waterproofing.

In Australia, water is one of our most precious commodities – we can’t afford to waste it. Which is why sealing a concrete water tank correctly to protect water supplies over the long term is extremely important, especially during droughts.

If tanks are built correctly, a well maintained concrete water tank can last for 50 years or more. However, even the best-built tank will need maintenance and repairs over time.

By sealing and waterproofing your tank correctly early on, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars and 1000’s of litres of water down the track.

If you find your concrete water tank cracking, it’s a good idea to take immediate action to prevent cracks widening, leaking and contamination, especially if your tank provides drinking water to your home or business, or the wider community.

Why Concrete Water Tanks Leak Over Time

concrete tank waterproofing service Victoria. Ask us about our proccess for sealing concrete water tanks of all sizes

There are any number of reasons why concrete tanks leak over time. A concrete tank will leak if the fittings aren’t installed and sealed correctly when the concrete was first poured. So your long term problem may go back to the tank’s initial construction.

However, most concrete does eventually crack due to earth movement shifting, settling, shrinking and even seismic activity (little earthquakes!). The base of your tank can move due to these tremors, or floods and drought.

Often there are no visible outward cracks, yet the water levels keep reducing and you can’t figure out where the leak issue is! Tree roots, such as gumtrees can break through the tiniest crack in the concrete base, so it’s important to clear the area well when you pour the tank and keep an eye on tree growth over time.

We’ve had a number of clients with exactly this issue. Their tanks have lost 1000’s of litres of water and it’s an expensive business getting them filled!

Finally, just the weight of such a large amount of concrete, plus the water, can cause it to move and crack.

The good news is that most tanks can be repaired if this occurs. By applying a waterproof coating for concrete water tanks with our flexible water and airproof membrane, you can extend its life well into the future for another 50 years

If you see any sign of a crack or leak in your water tank, get on the phone and call us straight away for an obligation free chat.

How We Repair Your Concrete Tank

When our client contacts Pro Waterproofing for concrete tank repairs, Col will ask pertinent questions as to the size, age, location, accessibility and does the client have an alternative water supply. Alternative, a water supply is offered with temporary installation of smaller plastic tanks where and when required.

Col will always visit on site to give a complete and comprehensive description of the process and provide a written quote.

The process involves a total refurbishment of the tank interior including inlets and outlets if required, as opposed to an exterior repair of filling obvious cracks, or inserting a bladder membrane.

The tank is emptied of all water, and is high pressure washed using a heavy duty washer, and all contents are vacuumed out.

The concrete base is ground back and the raised aggregate is flattened. The tank is vacuumed again and the rendering process is applied to the interior walls. A waterproofing compound is applied to the base to ensure rising moisture does not occur.

The above process takes a day to complete.

The team allow a few days for the tank to dry fully, this is weather dependent,  whereupon they return to apply the Polyurea flexible, potable waterproof membrane. A certificate is supplied upon request.

All inlet and outlet pipe work is reinstated completing the tank refurbishment.

The entire process will take a week to ten days weather permitting.

Benefits of Polyurea

Polyurea is a potable, flexible, strong and durable concrete waterproofing membrane that can be used for small, medium and large applications, including roofs, concrete foundations and shipping containers. So it’s an ideal waterproofing solution for concrete water tanks.

The seal is airtight and watertight, and – at .5 millimetres – it’s so strong you cannot rip it. The membrane can be applied to the required thickness in just one application. This means it will withstand the pressure of hundreds of thousands of litres of water.

Additionally, Polyurea doesn’t sweat or deteriorate in water, and doesn’t absorb water or swell even after long periods.

Best of all, it’s highly durable, as it resists low and high temperatures, and is flexible enough to expand and contract when necessary – even when the earth moves.

Polyurea is touch dry in 60 seconds, suitable for foot traffic in 5 minutes and fully cured in only 24 hours. You won’t experience a long disruption while we repair (if and where necessary) and seal your tank. And, over time, this waterproofing solution reduces your maintenance and repair costs, and vastly extends the life of your concrete tank.

Want To Know More About Concrete Tank Waterproofing?

Our concrete water tank waterproofing will protect both your tank and your precious water supply, and ensure the quality of your tank for many years to come. Contact us for advice about our tough concrete waterproofing membrane solutions.

Satisfied Client Testimonials

Colin and his team were professional and understood exactly what we wanted done with a minimum of fuss! Our huge concrete tank had been leaking precious water from cracks at the base and one side, probably from earth movement. They cleaned the tank, slurried the cracks and applied the potable spray on membrane. It was a cost effective solution and it's the best thing we did. The tank's 100% waterproof 14 months later
We had 2 cracked concrete water tanks and didn't want to replace with poly tanks as they aren't a cost effective replacement. Col from Pro WaterProofing came on site and completely refurbished both tanks over a few days. The polyurea concrete water tank sealant is potable and our drinking water actually tastes much better! Thanks guys, very impressed with your work ethic, nothing was too much trouble! Another bonus, no mess was left behind, very tidy company.
Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula
Thanks for the great job on fixing our concrete rainwater tank which supplies the house. No more leaks = no more dollars spent having water carted in. Wish we'd done it months ago
Our 3 concrete cattle troughs were leaking from cracks down the sides and we didn't want to replace them. Col from Pro WaterProofing cleaned them out, filled the cracks and sprayed on the seamless membrane. It's a smart invention and being flexible, will handle any soil movement. Thanks again, very happy.

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Our Waterproofing Service Guarantee

Pro WaterProofing’s mission is to provide tough, durable waterproofing solutions that work. Colin and his team  of waterproofing contractors take absolute 100% care from the beginning to the end of your job.

Our Public Liability Insurance serves to keep our clients and our employees protected.

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