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Pro WaterProofing offers superior waterproofing solutions which have been specifically designed to reduce downtime. The spray on membrane cures within seconds of application, forming a strong flexible lining that takes the shape of the surface to which it is applied. The waterproof membrane is suitable for boats, ships and yachts. The tough flexibility of this superior coating is ideal for permanently stopping leaks.

Polyurea is a seamless spray on waterproof membrane which can be applied to the required thickness .05mm to 50mm, in just one application. The membrane is touch dry in 60 seconds and fully usable within 24 hours. All our work is backed by our 60 year guarantee.

Waterproofing Boats

Whether you have a cargo ship or a dinghy, your boat has one job – to keep you above the water rather than in it! So you need the best possible product to seal and waterproof your vessel.

However, there’s more to protecting your boat than just keeping it above water. As a major investment, any vessel used on the water needs a lot of maintenance to keep it ship-shape.

The Problems That Come With Boats

If you love boats, you know they require a lot of work. As well as sealing it to stop water leaking through, you have to prevent damage from any debris in the water. Floating objects or even pontoons and jetties can damage a boat’s hull over time.

Your boat can also deteriorate due to corrosion, wood rot and rust. If these problems aren’t stopped in their tracks promptly, they can be expensive to fix later or even limit the life of your vessel.

Allowing algae to build up on the hull can be a problem because it causes drag, which reduces your speed and increases your fuel use. It’s also bad for the ecosystem and can contaminate the waterways that we love so much.

The question is how to best protect your vessel from all these issues to reduce your maintenance and repair costs, and increase the life of your boat.

The Importance Of Protective Coatings

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We strongly recommend using a protective coating like polyurea to protect your yacht, houseboat or kayak from these issues. This type of coating creates an airtight and watertight barrier that stops saltwater corroding the vessel over time.

You can apply this coating on a steel, wood or aluminium hull to protect against algae and barnacles. Of course, these things will still build up – especially if you continually leave your boat in the water – but you’ll be able to clean them off easily.

Before you add any protective coating, the boat will need to be cleaned to completely remove any rust or corrosion. This will stop those issues spreading underneath the coating.

As well as protecting the hull, you can use a Polyurea coating on the boat’s floors, ramps and steps to prevent slips and falls. Here’s how it works.

How We Seal And Protect Your Boat

The entire process will take a week to ten days weather permitting.

Benefits of Polyurea for boats

Polyurea has a multitude of strengths that make it perfect for boats, especially as it adheres to almost any clean surface, including wood, concrete, metal and fibreglass.

As a sealant, it’s seamless and very thick. At half a millimetre, the membrane won’t rip, crack, split or peel.

It’s also very light and flexible – expanding, contracting and flexing as necessary. So it won’t increase the boat’s drag in the water. Importantly, Polyurea doesn’t sweat, swell or deteriorate in water.

A Polyurea coating is highly resistant to heat, cold, chemicals, oil and grease, abrasion and high impact. So no matter what the elements throw at it, your boat will successfully withstand it.

Additionally, Polyurea works very well as an insulator, as it reduces noise and vibration. This will give you a much quieter ride.

When you factor in the fast curing time – only 24 hours – you can see why so many boat owners use Polyurea to reduce maintenance and repair costs, and extend the life of their vessel.

Want To Know More About The Process Works For Sealing Boats ?

There are so many ways to use Polyurea to seal, waterproof and protect your boat – we’ve barely scratched the surface here! To find out more about to extend the life of your vessel, contact our friendly team today.

 Client Testimonials

Colin sealed the hull of our boat and very happy with the results. Very professional waterproofing company
Pro Waterproofing sprayed on a slip resistant coating for our boat deck which has made a big difference.The membrane is seamless, easy to clean and looks great!
We wanted a strong flexible lining to protect and insulate the hull on our boat. Col showed us the process and very impressed. The spray on liquid cured within seconds and took on the shape of the surface so it's basically invisible.
Thanks for the great waterproofing job on our yacht. It's the best protective coating I've seen for durability and flexibility. Very happy with the quick turnaround time.
Peter Brown

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Our Waterproofing Service Guarantee

Pro WaterProofing’s mission is to provide tough, durable waterproofing solutions that work. Colin and his team  of waterproofing contractors take absolute 100% care from the beginning to the end of your job.

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