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Pro WaterProofing offers superior waterproofing solutions which have been specifically designed to seal leaks. The waterproof membrane is suitable for all residential, agricultural and commercial applications and can be sprayed onto any concrete substrate. The tough flexibility of this superior coating is ideal for swimming pool waterproofing in permanently stopping leaks.

Polyurea is a seamless spray on waterproof membrane which can be applied to the required thickness .5mm to 50mm, in just one application. The membrane is touch dry in 60 seconds and fully usable within 24 hours. All our work is backed by our 60 year guarantee.

Swimming Pools

Your pool has a leak in it. They’re the words that no pool owner wants to hear, whether it’s a concrete swimming pool, spa or horse pool. Not only can a leaking pool cost a fortune in wasted water, the chemicals like chlorine can leak into the ground and cause environmental damage.

Generally, concrete pools are very sturdy structures, and can last for decades if they’re installed correctly and maintained. However, even the most well-built pool can eventually develop cracks for a range of reasons.

The key is to construct your concrete pool correctly from the start, as upkeep and repairs can be expensive. This means using a high quality waterproofing solution. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

Signs Of A Leak In A Concrete Pool

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When a concrete pool has a leak, it’s not always obvious. The crack may be invisible and the water volume may reduce slowly until one day you realise you’ve lost an expensive amount of water. Here are just some of the indicators that you might have a leak in your concrete pool:

Why Do Concrete Pools Crack Or Leak?

A concrete swimming pool or horse pool might develop a leak in its structure, fittings or plumbing.

A structural leak or crack can occur when the pool is constructed, or may develop over time due to:

The pool’s fittings could be a source of leaking (including lights and jets) if they’re not waterproofed correctly at construction.

The pool’s plumbing system could also leak if the system moves (due to ground settling) or corrodes.

Any of these problems could cause leaks that you may not find until serious damage has been done to the pool and ground around it. If you suspect a problem with your concrete pool, jump on the phone and request our leak detection and repair services.

We’ll use the highest quality waterproofing solution to completely seal the whole pool and save you further repairs down the track.

How We Waterproof Your Concrete Swimming Pool

The entire process will take a week to ten days weather permitting.

Benefits Of Polyurea For Waterproofing

Polyurea is a fantastic, seamless waterproofing solution for concrete pools. This strong and durable coating has a 0.5mm thick membrane, so it can’t rip, crack or split, and can take a lot of impact. This is ideal for a structure that takes so much water weight and pressure.

The coating is also both chemical and heat resistant, so it’s great in hot spas and chlorine pools.

As pool is generally filled with water all the time, you need a waterproofing sealant that doesn’t sweat or deteriorate in water. Polyurea is perfect because it doesn’t absorb water or swell after being in water.

As well as being airtight and watertight, this concrete sealant is also durable – it can expand and contract as needed, as it’s both flexible and rigid. It’s an amazing product and we highly recommend using it to waterproof any concrete pool during construction.

Over time, it will reduce your maintenance and repair costs, and extend the life of your pool.

Want To Know More About Swimming Pool Waterproofing?

If you are building a new concrete pool or are concerned about cracks and leaks in your existing one, have a chat to one of our friendly team for advice. Call us today!

The process for waterproofing swimming pools and a horse swimming pool – which is just a larger pool – is to high pressure wash the entire pool, apply Polyurea over tiles and up the walls and around fittings. Where required extra layers of membrane can be applied.

The membrane can be applied up to the edge of pool edge topping tiles or over the topping tiles accordingly.

The Polyurea is normally grey in colour but for pools a light blue colourant is used.

Client Testimonials

Our old concrete swimming pool had sprung a leak, large enough we could even see it!! We rang Col and 2 weeks later our pool is fixed, watertight and usable. Love the professionalism and great work guys! Thanks a mill!
Allison and Jay
Col from Pro Waterproofing applied their spray on membrane to prevent any future issues with our new inground swimming pool. Very cost effective, thanks mate
Chris G

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Pro WaterProofing’s mission is to provide tough, durable waterproofing solutions that work. Colin and his team  of waterproofing contractors take absolute 100% care from the beginning to the end of your job.

Our Public Liability Insurance serves to keep our clients and our employees protected.

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