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Ute, Horse Float, Tipper Truck Bed Liner

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Our Polyurea seamless membrane lining provides durable coatings for horse floats, truck and tipper bodies for protection against abrasion, rust and corrosion.

Skip Trucks and tippers aren’t cheap so it makes economical sense to line them with a  durable coating that is a spray on, rapid curing membrane, economical and designed to last. More importantly, gaps between joins and substrates are eliminated so they don’t collect moisture and dirt.

Polyurea is a seamless spray on waterproof membrane which can be applied to the required thickness .05mm to 50mm in just one application. The membrane forms a strong flexible lining that takes the shape of the surface to which it is applied. The membrane is touch dry in 60 seconds and fully usable within 24 hours.

Truck Body, Horse Float And Tipper Waterproofing

Dump trucks, tippers and horse floats take a lot of beating as they haul heavy, abrasive cargo on less-than-ideal road conditions. As these vehicles are usually made of steel and open to the elements, they can rust and deteriorate over time.

They can also get damaged and, over time, their floors can sag and dent. This can make it more difficult for trays and tippers to release 100% of the contents where they’re supposed to go.

Some companies use release agents – chemical solutions that prevent the contents bonding with the truck body or other machinery. However this solution isn’t ideal or even necessary with the right coating.

As your truck is an expensive investment, it needs to last as long as possible. You also need to reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance throughout its life.

The key to all these issues is to seal and waterproof your truck, tipper or horse float. With the right coating, you can prevent rust and abrasion, create a durable and airtight surface, release the truck’s contents easily, and extend the life of your investment.

Our high-quality Polyurea coating is tough enough to handle any job that your truck needs to do and durable enough to last many years.

skip truck spray on protective coating. Ask us about our truck bed coatings

Why You Need Polyurea Coating

Most truck bodies and trays are painted and powder coated to protect them when they’re new. But as the vehicle is put through its paces in tough conditions, this coating doesn’t hold up.

This is why starting with a stronger and more durable coating is a better option for protecting the vehicle from chemicals, rust and corrosion to give it a longer life.

Our spray-on coating will cover every corner of your entire dump box, ensuring the metal of the body isn’t exposed to sun, chemicals or the truck’s contents.

This seamless and durable surface easily releases truck contents, whether it’s gravel, sand or soil. It also eliminates the need for expensive or hazardous release agents.

You can use this coating for new truck bodies and tippers, as well as older vehicles that need repair. In fact, adding this coating to an older truck will keep it on the road for much longer. Using this spray-on coating is far more cost-effective than replacing the steel.

How We Coat And Waterproof Your Truck Body


Benefits Of Waterproofing With Polyurea

So why is polyurea so perfect for truck bodies, tippers and horse floats? Well, so many reasons!

Polyurea is an extremely durable product. Its thick membrane can be either rigid or flexible, depending on your needs, and it can expand, contract and move where necessary. It’s also resistant to abrasion and high impact – so it won’t rip, crack or split over tough roads.

This flexibility also reduces the noise and vibration of the truck body, which will better protect the truck.

A work truck isn’t making money in the garage, so you need it up and running quickly. Polyurea has fast coverage for reduced downtime. You can cover up to 1000m2 per day, which can save you days or weeks of downtime. Additionally, the membrane is touch dry in less than 1 minute and full set in 24 hours.

Importantly, polyurea is very resistant to oil, grease and chemicals. This includes petroleum, solvents, pesticides and other chemicals. It’s also resistant to high and low temperatures, rust corrosion and weather.

Over time, all these great benefits will reduce your truck’s maintenance and repair costs, and downtime. This is great news for small and large businesses alike!

Want to know more?

A truck, tipper or horse float is an expensive investment, so you want to do all you can to extend its life, particularly if you run a small business. A polyurea coating is a cost-effective and long-term solution to many of your common issues.

Contact our friendly team to ask how we can bring this solution to you!

 Client Testimonials

Colin sprayed the protective lining on the tipper body for protecting the steel against abrasion from gravel and rocks. We run a soil business and wanted a solution to general wear and tear on our vehicles. The membrane has worked very well and the service was great.
We had Colin from Pro Waterproofing spray the bottoms of our horse floats with an added grit to stop our show horses slipping during transport, especially some of our more highly strung animals. The added benefit is the floors will last longer as they are protected from urine and horse dung which is highly acidic and can eat away at floors.
Crystal and James Ryan
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