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Pro WaterProofing offers superior seamless, waterproof membrane waterproofing solutions which have been specifically designed to be durable, lasting long into the future and to reduce valuable downtime. The waterproof membrane is suitable for residential, agricultural and commercial applications and can be sprayed onto virtually any substrate. The tough flexibility of this superior coating is ideal for deck, patio and balcony waterproofing in stopping damaging moisture.

Polyurea is a seamless, spray on waterproof membrane which can be applied to the required thickness of .5mm to 50mm in just one application. The membrane is touch dry in 60 seconds and fully usable within 24 hours. All our work is backed by our 60 year guarantee.

We can provide a non- slip finish by adding a fine aggregate.

Balcony and Rooftop Waterproofing

A tiled deck, patio or balcony can be a welcome addition to any home. It’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and lets you take advantage of the outdoors through the sunny months. A gorgeous tiled rooftop can even increase the value of your home.

But you need to make sure it’s built correctly from the start. Using high-quality materials that stand the test of time and constructing the area to Australian standards will help keep the area moisture proof and secure. Then you just need to do regular maintenance over the years to retain the high quality.

If a patio or balcony develops a leak, it can be disastrous – ruining the floors underneath the tile and the walls. And the longer you leave a leak, the worse it will get, even threatening the structure of the property.

However, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to fix this problem. If you act quickly to address the leak, our waterproofing solution will last you for many years to come.

Signs Of A Leak In Your Outdoor Tiled Area

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We find that most balconies, decks and patios develop a leak because of how they were built originally. However, in well-built older houses, the issue could just be wear and tear from many years of love and use.

All these areas need maintenance to keep them from developing leaks. Here are some signs leaks may be occurring in your tiled deck, balcony or patio area:

Dealing With Water Leaks On A Balcony Or Patio

If you see any of these issues on your deck or patio, don’t hesitate to get help immediately. The longer you leave a leak, the further it will spread and the more damage it will cause. And the more money it will cost to fix in the long run!

First, of course, you need to find the leak – there’s no point repairing your flooring until you’ve found the source of the leak and fixed it.

When you call us in, we’ll locate the leak and then repair it. Once that’s done, we’ll waterproof the area with our high-quality, long-lasting waterproofing solution to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

And you don’t even need to rip up your tiles and re-tile the area! Our flexible waterproofing goes right over the tiles.

How We Waterproof Your Balcony, Patio or Deck


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Benefits of Polyurea Waterproofing

We use Polyurea to waterproof tiled areas because it’s simply the best product for these high-traffic tiled areas in family homes.

Polyurea creates an airtight and watertight seal, and is very strong – the membrane is 5mm thick, so it won’t rip. And it works very fast – the membrane is touch dry in 60 seconds, can be walked on within 5 minute and it sets completely within 24 hours!

Best of all, it lasts for many years, as the Polyurea membrane won’t crack, split or peel. As well as being strong, it’s also very durable – and it can expand, contract and move where necessary.

If your tiled area is exposed to the elements, Polyurea is an ideal solution because it resists rust, corrosion and weather. This will reduce your future maintenance and repair costs.

Best of all, it won’t damage your tiles and is a much cheaper than ripping out your existing tiles and retiling the whole area.

Want To Know More About Deck, Patio or Balcony Waterproofing?

Protect your tiled balcony, patio or deck from water leaks and add years of life to the area. Contact us for expert advice on waterproofing over tile.

Our tiled outdoor deck needed some heavy duty decking waterproofing and after speaking to Colin at Pro Waterproofing, we decided to use his polyurea spray on waterproofing system. He even added some fine grit to make the outdoor deck not slippery. Very happy with the final outcome.
Fiona Appleton
Phillip Island, Bass Coast

 Client Testimonials

We wanted some balcony waterproofing without removing tiles as the rain was damaging our balcony in the wet months. The team at Pro Waterproofing heavy duty pressure washed the tiles and sprayed on the waterproofing membrane over the tiles. You can hardly see it's there! Thanks so much for your great work.
Sandra & Hugh
Colin did a great job on our patio waterproofing. No more moisture seeping through. Very professional job. Easy to work with!
Anthea Jones
Our patio is exposed to the harsh elements on Phillip Island and we wanted a comprehensive and professional job done to waterproof our patio flooring. Col went above and beyond, and left the site tidy
Nina C
Cape Paterson
waterproofing coating solutions victoria with our Polyurea waterproofing membrane

Our Waterproofing Service Guarantee

Pro WaterProofing’s mission is to provide tough, durable waterproofing solutions that work. Colin and his team  of waterproofing contractors take absolute 100% care from the beginning to the end of your job.

Our Public Liability Insurance serves to keep our clients and our employees protected.

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