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Polyurea was initially developed in the late 1980s for the automotive industry, and is exploding in popularity due to its multi use, fast curing, corrosion and abrasion resistant characteristics across all residential agricultural, industrial and commercial industries.

Virtually no other coating can compare to Polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties. Polyureas can be formulated to achieve a tremendous range of properties from high elongation to superior tensile strength to hard or soft, all based on how the materials is formulated and correctly applied.

Aromatic Polyureas adheres tenaciously to a variety of different substrates (concrete, metals, wood, fiberglass and more) without primers and applicable over a wide range of temperatures and humidity environments.

Polyurea has significantly less sensitivity to moisture than other urethane-based coatings.

Polyurea is a 2 component spray on mixture that is slip resistant and can applied to almost any surface to create a seamless, waterproof membrane barrier. Polyurea is well known in the industry for being a high performance, flexible and durable protective coating suitable for a wide scope of applications in the residential, agricultural and commercial sectors.

Our licensed waterproofing contractors apply Polyurea as a waterproofing solution for exterior and interior applications. We’ll send Colin from Pro WaterProofing to inspect your home or business to assess the problem and provide advice and solutions.

Polyurea is incredibly versatile. Once the 2 part waterproof membrane is sprayed on, it takes approximately 60 seconds for touch dry, traffic-able in an hour and fully cured in 24 hours.

Polyurea offers unrivaled extraordinary resistance and protection against all types of moisture, abrasion, corrosion and extreme temperature changes. The possibilities of using Polyurea in the residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial sector is endless.

Caversham Court, Mornington

This old Art Deco building, Caversham Court on the Esplanade in Mornington looks like a Nursing Home or Sanitarium but it is a block of flats. It was designed in 1947 by architect CG MacKennal and built the following year, 1948.

The block consists of 10 separate flats throughout the 2 and 3 storey building with a flat, concrete roof covered in thick layer of gravel. It was a mammoth job shoveling barrow load on barrow load of gravel and taking it down to ground level.

Once cleared, the concrete roof was carefully inspected for concrete rot, cracks and damage and then ground back to remove all rough protrusions.  The damaged areas and cracks were slurry filled where needed and then sprayed with our 2 part Polyurea seamless membrane. The seamless membrane extended 200mm up the walls to prevent water collecting and seeping through corner joins.

The metal roof was displaying signs of corrosion as well, so we repaired damaged sections and then sealed the metal roof to make it waterproof and improve longevity.

waterproofing coating solutions victoria with our Polyurea waterproofing membrane

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Pro WaterProofing’s mission is to provide tough, durable waterproofing solutions that work. Colin and his team  of waterproofing contractors take absolute 100% care from the beginning to the end of your job.

Our Public Liability Insurance serves to keep our clients and our employees protected.

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