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Pro WaterProofing offers superior solutions for metal, slate, tile and concrete roof waterproofing. The waterproof membrane is suitable for all residential, agricultural and commercial applications and can be sprayed onto virtually any substrate. The tough flexibility of this superior coating is ideal for permanently stopping leaks across all roofs.

Polyurea is a seamless spray on waterproof membrane which can be applied to the required thickness .05mm to 50mm in just one application. The membrane is touch dry in 60 seconds and fully usable within 24 hours. All our work is backed by our 60 year guarantee.

Sealing Roofs To Stop Leaks

Concrete and terracotta tile roofs are always popular among home owners because, when they’re look after, they look great and are extremely long lasting.

It’s no coincidence that archaeologists are often digging up terracotta pots from past civilisations – clay/terracotta tile is one of the oldest and most durable building materials.

If you buy an older, heritage-style home, you may have terracotta roof tiles, as they can last between 50 and 100 years. Concrete tiles can also last up to 50 years if they’re well maintained.

Terracotta and concrete roofs are generally resistant to fire, rot and insects. Additionally, they can usually handle extreme temperatures and salt air. With all the weather extremes we face in Australia, you can see why this type of roofing is very popular.

However, you do need to take care of terracotta and concrete tiles so they can continue to keep your roof watertight and stop leaks occurring.

For example, the underlying material of concrete tiles needs replacing every 8–20 years. You also need to waterproof and repair any dislodged tiles, loose pointing, cracks or other moisture problems as soon as they pop up to prevent further damage and maintain the quality of your roof.

Why Moisture Problems Occur In Roof Tiles

we supply roofing waterproofing servcies across Victoria. If you want to waterproof a roof, our roof waterproofing membrane will stop all leaks

Terracotta tiles tend to be unglazed and porous. Little pores in the tile collect moisture when it rains, which provides great natural cooling (which is why they use these tiles in the Mediterranean).

However, this benefit can also create problems if the tile remains uncoated or waterproofed. They absorb water over time, which allows algae, mildew and moss to grow. This growth can prevent the tiles working as they should and water can also seep in under the tiles.

If you’ve had a split system air conditioner installation on your tiled roof, applying the waterproofing membrane around and over the entry points and any attachment points, will keep moisture penetration at bay in the future.

So it’s essential to seal your roof tiles, especially if you live in a particularly humid region or environmentally harsh climate.

If you see any sign of water damage, cracked tiles, algae and mildew growth or other problems, you need to get the problem fixed quickly. If a problem in the roof goes untreated for a long period, it can threaten the integrity of the building’s structure.

Benefits Of Waterproofing With Polyurea

We strongly recommend using Polyurea to waterproof a concrete or terracotta tiled roof because it has so many advantages over other products.

The high-quality membrane can be applied in different thicknesses – so it will never rip. Our Pro WaterProofing roof waterproofing service stays airtight and watertight without cracking, peeling or splitting with our long lasting 60 year guarantee.

A major benefit of Polyurea is the way it expands, contracts and moves where necessary – though it can also be rigid if required. This flexibility makes it highly resistant to both low and high temperatures (as it remains flexible even in below-zero temperatures), and allows it to reduce noise and vibration.

Polyurea is also highly resistant to abrasion and high impact, like wind and hail, and acts as an excellent insulator if electrical isolation is needed.

In our work, we’ve found this product to be highly effective across a wide range of applications. Polyurea will never damage your concrete or terracotta tiles and, over time, will actually reduce your roof maintenance and repair costs.

Want To Know More?

Whether you’re building a new terracotta or concrete roof, or suspect water problems in a current one, we can inspect your roof, fix any hidden problems, and give it an airtight seal that will last for a long time. Contact us today to speak to our friendly team about your roof waterproofing service!

 Client Testimonials

Our home was built in the 50's and the old terracotta tiles needed work to stop the leaks. Colin was very professional and thoroughly pressure cleaned the entire roof, fixed loose tiles and applied his waterproofing membrane across the entire house and the roof looks like new. Pro WaterProofing guarantees their work for 60 years which gives us peace of mind.
Jenny & Hugh
Colin did a fantastic job on waterproofing our clay roof tiles. he used a heavy duty pressure washer to clean them and the applied the Polyurea waterproof membrane. You can't even see the membrane. It's incredibly tough, we couldn't rip a piece which was only half a millimeter thick so we feel very confident our tiles are very well protected from the elements.
Mark Smith
Cowes, Phillip Island
If you are looking for waterproofing slate roof tiles, Colin from Pro WaterProofing is the best. Our slate roof tiles needed waterproofing and we were nervous about choosing the right company. Colin walked us through the process and so glad we hired this company. Our slate roof no longer leaks and looks as good as new
Micheal Robinson
The wife and I were looking for some waterproofing on our roof tiles and stumbled on Pro WaterProofing. Ours is an older home and the terracotta tiles needed work. We are thrilled with the outcome and the 60 year guarantee. It's an amazing product and very very strong and flexible.
James & Cheryl

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Our Waterproofing Service Guarantee

Pro WaterProofing’s mission is to provide tough, durable waterproofing solutions that work. Colin and his team  of waterproofing contractors take absolute 100% care from the beginning to the end of your job.

Our Public Liability Insurance serves to keep our clients and our employees protected.

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